Kicking it on Kickstarter!!!

Well, the Kickstarter campaign is doing rather well. Within a day we had a THIRD of it backed. Now we’re inches away from hitting the halfway mark – with over three weeks to spare!

It’s thrilling! And touching. 🙂

It’s been hard work, though. I’ve spent HOURS networking, preparing promotional material, and working with Steve on the final product. You can’t just sit back and wait around.

Steve’s producing excellent work. Tonight he submitted another finalized strip and he’s been working on a few others. Here’s a small sample of the quality you can expect from ‘Beans’:

teaser 1


If that doesn’t make you want to read the rest of that strip, I don’t know what could. And that’s just ONE panel from ONE strip! There are 30 other strips being produced!

Spread the word: ‘Beans’ is coming September 7!!!