Promotional material

Teaser 2

‘Beans’ is going to need your help. Although the campaign has been doing quite well so far, we can’t be 100% sure that we’ll hit our target.

And we can’t afford to miss it!

Kickstarter campaigns are an all-or-nothing thing. Even if we hit 99.99%, we get ZERO. That’s why we set our goal this low – this project actually costs twice that much, and we must succeed.

We put together a couple of promotional items you can always print and put up in the kitchen at work or leave lying around for people to see.

Beans Poster 1

Beans promo

They’re not great, I know, but I’m not going to get Steve to do more work right now; he has to focus on the strips. So I cobbled something together.

Snicker, snicker… and that’s why he’s the artist, not me.

Anyway, spread the word. If everyone gets JUST ONE person to subscribe to the full run of ‘Beans’ (for a mere 30$!), the KS campaign will be a success.

We can make it happen.

PS: in case the PDF files are too unwieldy, here are some jpg versions


Beans promo


Beans Poster 1