New strips, new poster and media interest

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. While the workload isn’t nearly as heavy as it was, my head is spinning in various directions at once now. It’s a different kind of intense.

One moment I’m networking (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, …etc.), another I’m updating the KS page (or this blog), then I’m putting together promotional material, or getting posters printed and putting them up, or I’m coordinating things with Steve, sending stuff back and forth. It’s pretty much non-stop.

But the results are excellent: the art has been completed on 4 of the 31 strips and work has begun on 8 others. I’m sure everyone will be quite pleased with them. I can’t wait to share the fruit of our labour.

The Kickstarter campaign is doing really well: with over two weeks left we’re less than 35% away from our goal.  With everyone’s help (either on KS or with the Beans Street Team), we’ll make it.

Speaking of which, we have a new poster, which we think is pretty wicked:

Beans Poster - Stevie

Here it is PDF format (zipped): Beans Poster – Stevie

Or feel free to email us for an uncompressed BMP version for better results:

On another note, ‘Beans‘ has generated some interest online. it doesn’t necessarily translate into KS support, but it means more exposure. We are going to be featured on a political blog shortly (with full Q&A) and, based on response, there’s no doubt that more will come.

We will keep you posted with all developments. 🙂

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