Beans BONUS Round

We’ve made it to 100%. But it’s not over yet!!! We still have 11 days to go!

That’s 11 days to generate people’s interest. 11 days to get more people involved. 11 days to pick up a broader early readership.

We still have plenty of stellar goodies up for grabs. Be a character in ‘Beans’! Get a frameable print of your favourite character! Or all of them, even!!!

But, most of all, get FREE BONUS STRIPS if we hit the 3000$ mark!!!

We have a few strips in the works as weekend editions should we reach past our main goal. And there are some real doozies in there!

These were conceived of and written after the main story arc was developed and the scripts were submitted for production. But they’re wicked fun.

Help us exceed our main goal and get to 3000$ and everyone who’s signed up to the full 31-strip set will get the weekend strips on top of the 31 main ones.

Trust us, they’ll be worth it.

So spread the word. Twist some arms. Elbow a few people if you must (kidding!). If you convince just a few people to back our campaign there are FREE BONUS STRIPS involved.

Post scriptum: Not sure how to help out? Or can’t afford to back the KS campaign financially? Join the Beans Street Team! We’ll give you freebies in return for your help!

With your help, we can take ‘Beans’ to the next level!!! 🙂