‘Beans’ on Twitter and Facebook

It took a little bit of wrangling, but I was finally able to set up Twitter and Facebook account for ‘Beans’. Until I could figure out how to create legitimate accounts without a cel phone, I’d been using the TCE accounts to promote ‘Beans’. Not ideal.

It’s nice for ‘Beans’ to have a real home on Twitter and Facebook now. And within a couple of days, our Twitter account picked up over a hundred new followers. That’s genius!!! I’m glad to see that people are intrigued and/or enthusiastic about it.

We’re going to have fun! 🙂

On a weird note, I’ve been unable to tweet individuals since Thursday morning. I can press the button and a window pops up. I can write, add a picture and/or a link. But it freezes up when I try to send. I can’t find help for this on Twitter, which is frustrating.

I wish I knew what the problem was. I’ve done much trouble-shooting, trying all sorts of configurations and they all freeze up. It’s extremely frustrating because the KS campaign is in its last week and I want to make a final push. This hobbles my efforts.


I hope to figure this out, but if anyone has any suggestions or knows what the problem might be, we’d love to hear from you. Time is of essence at this point.

Thank you kindly,

The Thorn

‘Beans’ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/beanscomiconlin

‘Beans’ on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beanscomiconline

‘Beans’ on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thethorn/beans

‘Beans’ online: http://beanscomiconline.com/