The KS campaign is over!

We made it

The Kickstarter campaign has wrapped. It’s hard to imagine that it’s already been a month.  I didn’t see it fly by, busy as I’ve been, wearing my many hats.

I’ve very pleased -and proud- to say that the campaign held up. I discovered, about midway through, that people could drop their pledges at the last minute.

That worried me: we were so close to the goal, but couldn’t gain enough traction to push the campaign far enough along that we could cushion such fatal blows.

So I crossed my fingers. Tightly.

And kept up the shameless self-promotion. Ugh.

And monitored the situation. Closely.

In the end, one person reduced the size of their pledge, but no one dropped out.

What a relief! 🙂

We have so many people to thank, for their support (financial, moral, promotional), enthusiasm, and… patience. We certainly wouldn’t have gotten here without them.


The month has been grueling, though. I am pleased with the results, but anyone who thinks a Kickstarter campaign is a cakewalk should rethink that notion.

It’s a lot of work.

In fact, the blog has been unusually silent this week because, out of the blue, my Twitter account allowed me to tweet again. So I was busy tweeting like a mad person.

I went to bed really late, got up early, did hours on end of tweeting to rally people to support ‘Beans’. I hate being a pest, but someone had to draw attention.

Over here! Over here! 😛

It produced better results than the postering, thankfully, which also meant long, late hours (in muggy weather!); at least Twitter piqued some people’s curiosity.

And it landed our best endorsement so far, from Ed the Sock: “A great Canadian comic strip in the making – let’s help make it real! It will help balance out the mountain of crap.”

Genius. :):):)

If a hand-puppet has enough brains to know the value of ‘Beans’, then surely we’ve got it going on. Why he’s not running for Parliament is beyond me. 😉

So, what’s next…?

First, passing out.

Then, after passing out, smashing my head against my keyboard, landing under my desk and later waking up with keyprints on my forehead, finding a home for ‘Beans’.

I’ve already started looking but was so damned busy that I could only explore one option. Now’s the real push. I’ll have to work hard at that in the next week or so.

This should prove interesting, seeing as I’ve never done that before. In fact, ‘Beans’ has been a series of firsts and one heck of a learning curve. But it’s been well worth it.

We hope you think so too. 🙂